Geomorph Cards

Decks of illustrated geomorph cards that can be assembled into world maps for your favorite roleplaying games. You can build your world map or deal out a random landscape. The simple overland travel and exploration rules provided.


The “Kingdom” set is intended to map a medieval European type of landscape with no huge swamps, deserts or wastelands.  Instead, large forests and mountain ranges will be found.


High Seas

The “High Seas” set represents a tropical sea with many islands, currents, reefs, etc. and fits perfectly to a nautical themed game.



The “Marshes” set has 30 minimap cards containing really difficult terrain, such as bogs, swamps and dead forests. Great swamps of undead or nuclear wastelands? Fits perfectly for both, it`s up to you!


Playing Cards


This is a deck of 36 playing cards where every card contains a image of a different creature. You also could use it instead of rolling six sided dice.


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