1 Player  |  Ages 7+  |   5-10 min

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A spaceship wrecked (darn pirates!) and the only location your escape pod can reach is a huge derelict hulk. Try to survive and find your way to a rescue shuttle.

“Deck 52: Space wrecked“ is a quick solo dungeon crawl card game, where the player moves through randomly generated floor plans, fighting enemies and resolving obstacles. You only need a deck of cards and a copy of the rules.


The game consists of 27 Map cards, 3 Character cards, 7 Health cards, 7 Action cards, 6 Loot cards, and 2 Reference cards ( 52 cards total ).


Find your way through spaceship’s cavities, try to survive its lurking horrors, wisely manage equipment and upgrade your character.

The game can be played as a sequence of missions. You start on level 1 of the derelict hulk and must reach level 52 where the rescue shuttle is.

You will need a copy of the campaign sheet ( Deck-52_Campaign-Sheet.pdf ) to track your progress.