DECK 52: Space wrecked is a quick solo dungeon crawl card game. Here you may download A5 rules booklet, a campaign sheet (to track your progress). If you want to try the game using a standard deck of playing cards, you also need a reference sheet and a game mat.

Pocket Lands: GEOMORPH CARDS (13 pages). Minimalistic rules of travel and exploration. You can easily plug in any random encounters, location tables or other specific content you want.

  • Rules neutral
  • Printer friendly

Querimonious Quests of Queenly Querulence. Free and compact (6 pages) but mighty adventure by famous Erick N. Bouchard for Four Against Darkness game. The adventure features:

  • Instructions of using Pocket Lands cards with Four Against Darkness game
  • 9 sample geomorph cards prepared for b&w printing

The Stump of Elemental Evil. (4 pages) The first in a series of quick dungeons rendered as small card decks from Pocketlands and Ganesha Games ( it’s an official product). Art and concept by Alexey Aparin, rules revision by Andrea Sfiligoi. A print-on-demand version is available on drivethrucards >> HERE <<.

  • FREE
  • Print-and-Play
  • Standard Poker size


  • 3 Thematic dungeon sets: Catacombs, Tunnels, Wards
  • Each set has 6 numbered entrance rooms and 36 unique chambers
  • Designed to be used as a d6 and d66 tables for a random dungeon making