Geomorph Cards

Decks of illustrated geomorph cards that can be assembled into world maps for your favorite roleplaying games. You can build your world map or deal out a random landscape. The simple overland travel and exploration rules provided.


The “Kingdom” set is intended to map a medieval European type of landscape with no huge swamps, deserts or wastelands.  Instead, large forests and mountain ranges will be found.


High Seas

The “High Seas” set represents a tropical sea with many islands, currents, reefs, etc. and fits perfectly to a nautical themed game.



The “Marshes” set has 30 minimap cards containing really difficult terrain, such as bogs, swamps and dead forests. Great swamps of undead or nuclear wastelands? Fits perfectly for both, it`s up to you!



“Deserts” is a harsh world of dusty plateaus and hot winds where rare oases keep treasurous water and only legendary flying islands cast their shadows to heated sands.


Four Against Dungeon Deck

An alternative card based way to play Four Against Darkness game (core rulebook needed), that speeds up the game flow drastically! No need in numerous dice rolling and searching through the book – all the same info shown directly on cards.
Works streamline, fast and furious!

Each deck is a standalone thematic dungeon to explore including its own quest, unique monsters and magic treasures. Fully compatible with “Four Against Darkness” game.

Roads of Peril

The carriage wheels creak over the bumpy old road – a difficult, dangerous path that runs through forests and swamps, outposts and plagued villages. A path haunted by greedy bandits and supernatural creatures. Your job it to escort it safely to its final destination.

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Curse of Castle Ravenstein

A lover’s quarrel between Vorigans brothers tragically ended in the death of Elisabah. She cursed the Vorigans, who became fiends, and the region plunged into darkness.

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Lamentations of the Marsh Hag

An evil hag, slain by heroes in times of old, has risen in MurkWaters again to wreak havoc.

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Forest of the Spider Queen

Pave the way through a dense and heavy woodland infested with spawn of Spider Queen.

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Silent Mill

Strange bell toll noises come from the once silent, automated mill built by Pavlov the gnome. Grinding has stopped. Find a way to the Dusty Cellars and Repair the Mill.

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The Stump of Elemental Evil

 Delve into the cave under an enormous rotting stump and slay the Tentacle Worm that has been kidnapping villagers.

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Playing Cards


A beautifully illustrated 54 cards deck! Each card contains a different monsters and dungeon room plans, for use in your role-playing game of choice! You get four color-coded suits of cards, two through ace and a couple of jokers.


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