DECK 52: Space Wrecked

A spaceship wrecked (darn pirates!) and the only location your escape pod can reach is a huge derelict hulk.
Try to survive and find your way to a rescue shuttle!

1 Player | Ages 7+ | 5-10 min

Printed version is available HERE (

Print-and-Play version is available HERE ( and HERE (

“Deck 52: Space wrecked“ is a quick solo dungeon crawl card game, where the player moves through randomly generated spaceship’s floor plans, fighting enemies and resolving obstacles. Find your way through, try to survive lurking horrors, wisely manage equipment and upgrade your character.

The game can be played as a sequence of missions. You start on level 1 of the derelict hulk and must reach level 52 where the rescue shuttle is.

The game consists of 27 Map cards, 2 Character cards, 7 Health cards, 7 Action cards, 6 Loot cards, and 2 Rules sheets.

This is the second edition of the game, enhanced and streamlined. It has improved rules, one extra character to play, and now it comes in a nice mint box. The first edition (in a poker cards format) is obsolete, but its rules, reference sheet and play mat can be found on

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