Geomorph Cards

“Pocket Lands: Geomorph Cards” (PL Cards) is a series of decks of illustrated geomorph cards (Map Cards) that can be assembled into world maps for your favorite role playing games. You can put these on your table and build your world map, deal out a random landscape on a fly, or follow simple overland travel and exploration rules.



The “Kingdom” set is intended to map a medieval European type of landscape with large forests and mountain ranges.


The “High Seas” set represents a tropical sea with lots of islands, currents, reefs, etc. Fits perfectly to a nautical themed game.


The “Marshes” works the best as an expansion, it adds huge swamps to your game world. Also great as a stand alone set for adventures in a wetlands biome.


“Deserts” is a harsh world of dusty plateaus and hot winds where rare oases keep treasurous water and only legendary flying islands cast their shadows to heated sands.


Frostlands are vast, inhospitable regions with twenty-four hours of daylight in summer, and complete darkness at mid-winter. These harsh areas range from snowy glades to green tundra, and from lush forests to high mountains. This deck works the best as an expansion to other Pocket Lands sets, but it is also great as a single deck for adventures in such a distinct biome.


PL Cards is rules neutral, meaning it is designed as a supplement or game accessory for many different games, thus it doesn’t have specific content or heavy rules. You can easily plug in any random encounters, specific location tables or other specific content you want.

PL Cards is not a stand alone game.

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